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Co-op colleagues struggled to find the relevant information about their employment. It was either on a difficult to access intranet or printed and kept in a file. In some cases a colleague would need to ask their manager for potentially sensitive information.

At Co-op Digital we saw an opportunity to move this information to an easily accessible website. The content was rewritten and the website designed to be accessible to ask many people as possible and easy to use. It also stood as a test-case for the emerging Design System.



One-to-one interview sessions with colleagues across all levels allowed us to highlight potential opportunities to improve their working environment. We learned that although, in general, colleagues had a good and close relationship with their managers, they would like to be able to access information regarding their employment by themselves.



Accessibility, usability and re-usability are the focus of the interface. Co-op colleagues are incredibly diverse in experience and ability with using digital services so the colleagues website needs to be logical, easy to navigate, easy to understand while remaining “on-brand” for Co-op.

It was a test case for the emerging Design System, so needed to incorporate reusable components that would be appropriate for other websites.


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The Co-op Colleagues website was shortlisted for, and was highly commended by, the Design Week Awards.