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Occasionally I write about design, teams, and doing things. You can follow me on Medium or read some of my posts below.


How to get the most out of a design workshop

Designing stuff is hard. Collaboration, though, makes it easier.

The best way to collaborate is by holding workshops with your project’s stakeholders. It’ll help you gather insights, ideas, work out priorities and let you…

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How to run a design crit and why they’re important

One of our design principles is ‘design in the open’. This means we choose to be collaborative, we show our early design work and invite feedback. Holding design critiques, or ‘crits’, is a useful way to do this.

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The crippling and anxiety inducing art of doing

The freedom of doing what you want to do, middle-fingers extended to the face of failure, is incredibly… well… freeing. It is infinitely desirable and unfortunately for many of us it’s just out of reach.

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