Birmingham City Football Club – Website


Birmingham City Football Club – Website

User Research, Interface Design



BCFC (Birmingham City Football Club) were coming to the end of a long term agreement with they web partner.

And so were looking for a new website to help:

  • Boost discoverability

  • Increase sales internally

  • Increase ad revenue



Stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis and user research highlighted that the majority of BCFC fans mostly interacted with official and unofficial fan websites and forums. Their goals for visiting the actual BCFC site were to buy tickets and find fixtures.



Paper wireframes help show the structure of the site and help to communicate rough concepts to the client without focussing too much on visual style.



The site focusses on editorial content as well as fixtures and post-game commentary. To help boost internal and external sales the website would utilise ‘curated’ advertisements created specifically for the BCFC website, so the bulk of the space focusses on fixtures–to sell tickets–and internal ads–to promote merchandise.


I reduced the number of colours and variations of tones to create a limited palette. The BCFC blue (by which the club is known) contrasts with the bold and alerting yellow, driving focus to key areas of the website such as buy tickets.