Atos – Rail Settlement Plan


Atos – Rail Settlement Plan – Mobile Ticket

Product Design



Rail Settlement Plan in conjunction with Atos Worldline approached us to ‘reimagine’ rail travel for the near future. As part of developing a white label rail app, we set out to update and modernise the mobile rail ticket specification.

The original specification was geared towards early feature phones which did not adapt well to smart phones.



There is a wealth of research available on rail network ticketing available to the public, this alongside investigating european rail ticketing led to our initial ideas for the ticket specification.

However, interviews with stakeholders made it clear that the ticket ‘portion’ is property of the rail network, and for the conductors use. With this in mind we set out to design a ticket that made sense for the user but contained all the relevant information and security measures needed for conductors.



The National Rail ticket is iconic and distinctive. So where possible I wanted to recreate the look and feel on a device. Using the colour palette and appropriate typeface, the result is a digital representation of the physical ticket.



The update was included in the RSP spec and is now being used by rail networks all over the country. Although now the RSP ticket is visible on a conductors tablet, instead of the users phone.